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    OCTOPUS music
  • About me:-
    I compose music to vision; my music is spontaneous as I don't dislike any particular type of music. Therefore, it leaves room for imagination and creativity. I have been around music for a long time, somethings I do isn't as good as expected but never the less in my opinion its not a reason not to do it. The danger with sticking to one style especially someone like myself who can't read music, is that you end up playing the same thing all the time. I prefer to experiment and I take criticism well. This helps me improve by getting people’s opinions. It also helps me find out what people are able to listen to. Let’s look at it another way, If I played Chariots of fire which is a famous tune everyone will hum along, however if I was to play a piece from a film score that might be from a scene that was action packed then its almost unbearable to listen to. You certainly wouldn't hum along to it.

    My Equipment
    I have a tremendous amount of equipment that is all set up to compose a full orchestra at my fingertips if required. I have 16 pedals controlled by my main 88 keyboard that controls all the other 30 synths. This is all fed through an Alan and heath 32 track digital mixing desk that is fed to a top of the range apple computer.

    The sound quality is very important not only when you’re playing but also to listen back to when you have recorded something. So, I use Two KRK rocket 8s and in the rear I use two KRK rocket 5s. From the computer I use two KRK rocket 5s this way when I play the recording back it sounds exactly the same as I recorded it.

    My studio
    My studio needs to be bigger now so I am putting plans together to construct a new studio, not so much to have more equipment but for the freedom of space. There are pieces of equipment at the moment that I can't get in the current music room such as a complete set of tubular Degan Chimes.

    Issues with Sound
    I am always trying to sort out sound quality which the likes of film score music insist on. (I will talk about this later). The issue I have is that some of my equipment is very old analogue and some of the equipment is digital, so combining the two together through the mixing desk can be a bit tricky. However, people have spent years and millions to create the perfect sound but now people want their record players back because it creates that crackle or static sound. People love that old interference noise caused by dust on the needle for example. Some of my equipment does have the interference that can be fixed but at the moment depending on what I'm playing and how I'm playing it I will leave it as it is. Back to the sound quality!! most people use a computer to compose their compositions they use the computer not only to record using a midi keyboard but they also use the mouse to actually get the composition right such as timing, noise reduction. Why because they have to, they have to get the composition Peter perfect for the film score. Again, let’s look at it another way, when you listen to someone playing an acoustic guitar you can hear their hands moving across the strings much like a bow across a cello or violin. When you hear people talk down a mic the S's and K's are distorted which makes you sound like you have a mouth full of water. This will not do for film, pictures, music so it’s done by computer. This is also the reason why my music room needs to be bigger to have that separate set up.

    Professional Music
    People are always trying to improve and some of my music is criticised (so what) My answer is show me what you've done. This is how I see it, Pirates of the Caribbean film score for example Hanns Zimmer got paid $4 million to create that music for the film. Now if you gave me that sort of money to create a film score piece of music then I could create something incredible also.

    Music Industry of today
    The industry today is probably the most difficult industry to break down doors and barriers than it ever has been simply because everyone wants to be rich and famous in the music world today. This is not the goal; the goal is to have a reasonable quality of life doing what you love to do and the most valuable thing in your life is the freedom to do it. We all want MONEY!! but it’s not the world so if something happens and you manage to get a contract then take it but just remember that once you have broken down that door you now become a product and you will not be able to do anything differently. You will lose your most valuable asset "freedom"

    Statistics for you
    In 1940 the film Fantasia created by Walt Disney was a big success. The music was created by Chycoski and Walt Disney paid $400,000.00 back then. This would be equivalent to $8,260,257.14 today. So, when I hear about someone getting $4 million for a film score it doesn't surprise me but it annoys me when someone offeres me £200.00 to do a piece of music.

    Let me know your thoughts
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    My Skills are life experiences and Time, the more you do the more you learn the more you learn the more you want to achieve, the more you achieve the more freedom it allowed you. Freedom is the most valuable asset that you can ever achieve.