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    moonlight afriqa
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    Singer, songwriter and guitarist Moonlight Afriqa, breathes pure magic into his own lyrics with a unique, velvet richness rarely heard, pouring his heart and soul into each mesmerizing piece and captivating his audiences with his versatile mix of styles and genres.

    The Nigerian-born, self taught artist issued his debut track 'Gram' in 2018 - a masterful reminder of the effect of social media on society itself. He wrote and recorded the subsequent hits '100+', 'DOTi', 'What is Love?', 'Come for Me', 'See' and 'Psycho' in 2019, the latter being released in early 2020.
    This is his musical journey; stay put while he blesses your heart with every sound and melody that comes from his heart.
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    Recording artist
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    singing , song writing, reading