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    Lyricist - A prolific and creative lyricist, I have written lyrics to over eighty songs. Mirroring my varied taste in music, I have lyrics for Country, Blues, Christian, Rock, Pop, and crossover songs. With diverse lyrics that are fun, fragile and a few unforgettable. I am looking for collaborators.
    Visit my Lyric Gallery: https://johnsebby.com/lyric-gallery
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    United States
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    Kazoo (and I play that off-key)

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    The Fund Raising School at Indiana University Center on Philanthropy, Christian Life College, Harper College.
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    In addition to lyrics my writing includes fiction, nonfiction, children’s books, and faith-based works. My songs reflect my varied tastes in music with lyrics for Country, Christian, Blues, Rock, Pop, and crossover songs.

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    Fundraiser, Artist, Pastor, Writer, and Lyricist with a strong innovative streak that I combine with humor and passion. A successful fundraiser, director of marketing, troubleshooter, and grant-writer for nonprofits where my grants have been awarded millions in funding. I have composed countless major gifts proposals, organizational and development proposals, plus marketing and public relations pieces for local, national, and international markets. Born under a wandering star I have lived in more places than many people have even visited.