• Gender:-
  • My Stage Name:-
    Alutepena Hughes-John
  • About me:-
    Pena began writing songs back in her teens but stopped writing for many years until a breakup from a long term relationship signalled the return to her songwriting. In 2017, whilst teaching herself the Ukulele, started writing songs again. As well as the Ukulele, she recently began learning to play the electric and bass guitars. The majority of these songs are on her forthcoming album, which is due to be released late January 2021.

    Her EP ‘Lockdown’ is due scheduled for official release on Monday 23rd November when it will become available on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music and other streaming platforms.

    Despite the Lockdown upon us, Pena is still relatively busy at the studio recording Volume 2 of her album (it was originally planned as a double album but the pandemic lockdowns meant this album had to be split in two). It is hoped (Covid depending) that recording of Volume 2 will be complete by next Summer and joined with Volume 1 as a CD format.

    As well as her main project (namely her albums and EPs), Pena also has other music projects that ‘keeps her occupied and out of mischief’ namely:-

    The Heartfelt Dreamland Project - a catalogue of semi-instrumental tracks with a very with a Phil Spector influences (harmonised vocals with effects recreating the ‘wall of sound’); and

    Tepulunia Soundscapes - Instrumentals with a slight classical lien.
  • My job title:-
    Musician (Singer/Songwriter)
  • Instrument/s:-
    Ukulele and amateur electric guitarist and bassist (still learning).