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    Poetically Speaking Cynnamon Brown is who I am. I am a published author, with my first book under my belt. Second, third, and fourth coming up.
    So I stumbled across this hidden talent of mine. Song Writer. I've sat down and wrote several songs.
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    Creative Writer (Poetry, Songs, More)

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    Love for Writing has me writing all kinds of things. I am helping others grab a hold of their literary side. With all the hustle and bustle of life we forget sometimes to Just allow the words from you, be something that uplifts, motivates or encourages a dear reader. I will Ghost write ( though I would love to coach you into telling your own story).

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    Published Author, Ghost Writer, Poet, and Song writer .I am a creative writer and I am driven through Beauty, Ugliness, Happiness, and more. I love to bring visual things too light, Poetically Speaking.