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    Professional Bassist/Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter (ASCAP) and a member of the Georgia Music Industry Association (GMIA) with live performance and studio experience

    I am originally from the city that gave the world the "Philly Sound", American Bandstand, Hall & Oates, and jazz greats like
    McCoy Tyner and Stanley Clarke. Music and entertainment are as natural to me as breathing. My grandparents were involved in
    show business on both the performing and business ends and they passed on their knowledge and expertise to me while I was still in training pants.
    By the age of six, I was studying piano. I later added guitar and bass to my repertoire by the age of ten and began playing professionally by
    the age of eleven.
    In July of 1985, came the opportunity of a lifetime — I was recruited to work on the team that was helping to put together the largest and
    most historic benefit concert the world had ever witnessed — Live Aid. It was there I got to meet one of the music business' most successful,
    experienced, and consummately professional rock promoters — Mr. Bill Graham. It was a defining moment that changed the course of my life.
    Many gigs, bands, and years later, I graduated top of his class at The Charles Morris Price School where I received my Certificate in Advertising,
    Marketing, and Public Relations and graduated at the top of my class. I then went on to get my Bachelor of Arts in Communication from
    Temple University. In 1991, I was accepted into the Organizational Dynamics program at the University of Pennsylvania where I studied
    business management, strategic planning, and the art and science of negotiations.
    Despite years of experience in Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations and Information Technology, music and entertainment
    have always been my first and true passion. When I saw my chance to meld all of my past work experiences into a clearly defined career path,
    I took the risk and made the move. Through a set of circumstances which brought me full circle back to my first love in life, I made a
    determination to move out of the background of supporting artists as a musician and move center stage into the limelight and perform my own material.
    I have performed in the Southeast to audiences in Macon, Atlanta, and Nashville!
    I am in the process of building my web presence in order to reach more of my audience. It is a work in progress and it allows me to
    look forward to every day with a renewed energy and vitality.
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    United States
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    Bass, Guitar, Piano, Mandolin

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    1 678 766 2533
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    University of Pennsylvania
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  • General Interests:-
    Music, Aikido, Swimming, Reading

  • Academics & Experience:-
    MS/MSOD in Organizational Dynamics - University of Pennsylvania
    BA in Communications/Journalism - Temple University
    Certificate - Charles Morris Price School and Advertising and Journalism