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    With over twenty years of advertising experience, I know how to reach your audience. The music business is just that, a business. Skill and talent will only get you so far and it does not guarantee your success.

    Your biggest assets are your dedication, having a solid team, and the most important tool in the musical tool box is, marketing. This is the big secret .... nobody is going to care, if they don't know who you are.

    You have worked passionately on your music, now is the time to step into the arena and share it with the world.
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    United States

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    LAVC - Music Major
    CSUN - Theatre Major
    UCLA - Music Publishing Law, Sync Placement, Music Contract Law 2014
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    Promoting musicians and bands. Creating opportunities for them to make an income with their music.

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    Social Media Marketing - BIO's - Newsletters - Radio & Blog submissions - Pre-Release Promotions - Sync Placement - Music Contracts - Music Publishing - Career guidance - Composing/Producing several TV/Radio commercial Jingles, Corporate music for videos and more.