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    Lana Gray has an international background: her family’s roots are in Senegal, Vietnam, Italy, Corsica, and the
    United Kingdom. Growing up in such a culturally rich environment, she soon developed a love of music and
    jazz singing. She studied jazz at the Bill Evans Piano Academy in Paris.

    Lana appears on stage with pianist Philippe Baden Powell de Aquino and percussionist Thomas Delor, and bassist Patrick Laroche. They enjoy performing at venues in Paris such as the Sunset-Sunside, the Marcounet Riverboat, the 38’Riv, etc, as well as at the Jazz en Touraine and Jazz à Louviers Festivals, etc.

    As a jazz vocalist, melodist and songwriter, Lana draws her repertoire from her own compositions, jazz standards, blues, pop and Brazilian popular music, all styled with a uniquely multicultural coloring. Her music is poetic. Her inspiration comes from her past and present experiences enriched by her multi-ethnic heritage and from her favorite literature books. The velvety, delicate yet powerful sound of her Quartet & Guests is a perfect accompaniment to Lana’s voice, which may remind listeners of Billie Holiday. She immerses her audience in a world of enchantment. The variety of her influences and her ability to convey feeling make her an impressive jazz interpreter and a consummate artist.
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