• Gender:-
  • My Stage Name:-
    Paola Selva
  • About me:-
    After studying and performing classical repertoire for many years, a few years ago I widened my musical horizons embracing the acoustic guitar, with which I gained very soon several flattering responses: 2nd prize at the “Acoustic Franciacorta” competition, finalist at the “Obiettivo Maf” competition and 1st ADGPA prize.
    I have been invited to play in many important festivals across both Italy and Europe (Ferentino Acustica, Un Paese a Sei Corde, Rendez-Vous ADGPA, Madame Guitare, Festivale Guitare Issoudun, Holy Grail Show in Berlin, …) and I collaborate with the singer-songwriter Rebi Rivale and the double bassist Filippo Tantino.
    In 2019 I released my full-length album “Legno e Vento” (“Wood and Wind”), which has seen huge success with many positive reviews and sales in both Italy and abroad (France, Germany, Austria, UK, USA).
    I write my own music, but also re-arrange the others’, often tapping into popular music in which I encounter sounds, heritages and idioms that I later reproduce in acoustic.
    My concerts have been defined as “a sonic narrative led on the guitar strings in an eclectic and personal way, suspended between ancient and modern, between dream and dance”.
  • My job title:-
    Paola Selva
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  • Instrument/s:-
    Acoustic and classical guitar