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    Hi I'm Sally Morgan. Award-winning singer-songwriter and Internationally respected voice teacher. I developed Sing Like You Speak® vocal technique specifically designed to restore the effortless vocal production that is natural to the human instrument making your singing powerful, free and confident. The best online singer training out there! https://singlikeyouspeak.com/onlinelessons
    Singer-songwriter of custom love songs - An elegant solution to the perfect love song. https://singlikeyouspeak.com/custom-songs
    I have been successfully teaching people how to sing for 35+ years, turning decades of learning into days.
    Every master begins as a disaster – including me. I get it that you need to sing for the same reason you need to breathe. I felt the pain of not knowing how to release the amazing voice trapped inside. I felt the longing to be accepted as a great singer.
    That longing became an obsession with finding solutions to vocal challenges. I spent many years developing those solutions into what became the Sing Like You Speak® vocal technique that is now empowering singers worldwide.
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    voice, keys