• Gender:-
  • My Stage Name:-
    Rayne Kristine
  • About me:-
    I have been involved in various musical projects since 2006, and my influences range from neoclassical and EBM to death/doom metal. Music was my minor in college, and I produce, master, and mix all of the music with my current project, Silver Carpet (dark electronic)




    Past Musical Projects
    Mirror of Dreams (Shoegaze/Grunge)My Darkest Time (Doom Metal), Above the Skyline (Electronica), Paper Gods (Neoclassical), Nakjaarna (Experimental Ambient)

    Guest Appearances
    Cryogenic Echelon (Industrial), Garden of Edan (Ambient), Wintryfrost (Gothic Metal), Contagiion (Black Metal/Ambient)

    Compilation Appearances

    As Silver Carpet

    Electronic Alliance Records Future Sounds Anthology 3.0

    Ambient Aid for Australia

    As Mirror of Dreams

    Petroglyph Music The X-Mas Compilation 2015

    Ambient Online Compilation Volume 6

    Free Floating Reflection Compilation
    (Track starts at 19:00)

    Aural Films Oceans: Sound for Good

    As Nakjaarna

    Koumyou Dark Artists for Japan Earthquake Relief

    Ambientaria Records Remember Chernobyl 1986-2011

    Intelligent Machinery Threshed Compilation

    Other Links

    Kevin Keller talks about our collaboration on the Echoes podcast.
  • My job title:-
    Musician/Electronic Producer
  • Instrument/s:-
    Celtic harp, keyboards, vocals