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    Musician. Chromatic button accordion (bayan).
    Academy of Music with honours, Poltava, Ukraine.
    Bayan (button accordion), teacher, conductor of the orchestra. 1981-1985.
    Pedagogical University. Poltava, Ukraine. Pedagogy, history. 1985-1992.
    Concertmaster choreography at the Pedagogical University in Poltava. Ukraine. 1992-1996.
    Science research on history and theory musical pedagogy. Pedagogical University in Poltava. Ukraine. 1996-1999.
    Concertmaster Choir and Dance Ensemble at the Pedagogical University in Poltava. Ukraine.
    Music tour to Ukraine, Russia, Bulgaria, France. 1984-2000.
    Solo concerts, private lessons and music classes with children. Poland. 2000-2002.
    Accompanist ballet and the Philharmonic Orchestra musician. Poltava, Ukraine. 2002-2004.
    Director of the Music School in Opishne. Poltava region. Ukraine. 2005-2007.
    Concert activities in cooperation with agencies artistic and cultural institutions. Musician.
    Poland, the Czech Republic. 2007-2015
    Freelance musician, teacher. Ukraine. 2016-now
    Languages: Russian, Ukrainian, Polish, English.