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Lionel Lodge Discussion started by Lionel Lodge 8 months ago
The question was how do we lift the tide for all, how do we help those doing a lot of creative work but not making much money? How do we open up the opportunities without causing a flood. In music supervision there is a lot of money being made but the ones that are doing most of the hard work (music supervisors) don't make much at all and are mostly working with basic tools. Independent music creators want to be heard by music supervisors but most don't have a chance of being heard.
We want to replace the scrambling of competition with ease of flow in the sync licensing industry, amplify the creative joys of the music supervisor and let computer systems do the heavy lifting of the tedious and frustrating. Allow all who create music to have equal opportunity in sync placement, regardless of where you are in the world, regardless of your connections, your finances, or your fame. This is our motivation.
No membership fees, no subscription fees. Secure and filled with tools we have been advised would be very beneficial for the sync licensing industry. We are getting ready to launch the beta version and are looking for feedback, early testers and help in getting the word out.
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Dj Steve Francis
Dj Steve Francis how's it going setting this up its still a bit locked up 6 months ago