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Ben Ashdown Discussion started by Ben Ashdown 1 year ago
I think Bandcamp has great potential and once you have fans on there it is easy to gather their email addresses and keep in touch with them. It really is a great platform for fans and artists to reach out to one another.The problem I find is getting people to the platform. Social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter punish you for posting links that take users away from their platform by crushing your promotional posts unless you pay for marketing. Another obstacle is that most people don't know what Bandcamp is and also they aren't music buyers, most are happy to pay their $10/€10/10 a month to have unlimited access to Spotify and the millions of tracks on there.Bandcamp is for your "real" fans, the ones who will follow and pay for your music. Working out the strategy of how to get those "real" fans is the key to it.