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Ronny Schreff Discussion started by Ronny Schreff 2 months ago
Have two new albums just about ready to be released - one is copyrighted but not finalized with solid vocals and mastering. I am still looking for that Billie Holiday, Janis Joplin, and David Clayton Thomas type.  Also, we recently returned from our condo in Pompano Beach Fl and are adjusting to the colder weather.  Spring has yet to be sprung here in central PA.  The newly completed album without professional vocals is called The Odd Time Machine Experiment and the other close to completion album is presently unnamed.  Looking forward to working with the creative progressive musicians I have made contact with to see if the close to perfection formula takes one step further. Please feel free to join the ODD TIME group along with contacting me if you feel that you have something to offer.  Thanks, Schreff