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Ri Mone Discussion started by Ri Mone 3 years ago
A Professional App for Music Instrument Education and Practice“App Installation”i, Open “APP Store/Google Play” and search for “Violy”;ii, Find the app and click “GET”;iii, After the installation, click “OPEN”.“Sign-up and Login”The Sign-up/Login is very easy.It is accessible by simply verifying your Mobile Number/Email Address.A pin is not required.“Select Identity”“Classroom” is an additional feature for teacher’s account.It allows teachers to manage their students and check students’ practice and homework.Identity Selection cannot be modified optionally by user.“Select Instrument”You can now select the music instrument to practice.Selected instrument can be switched by user optionally.Violin, viola, cello, clarinet, and flute are currently supported on Violy.“Audition”Open a Sheet Music, play the initiation notes under “Audition” to initiate an “Audition”.The initiation notes are“#C#D#F” for Piano;“EADG” for violin;“ADGC” for viola and cello;“CEGC” for clarinet;“GBAC” for flute.And start to play the music within 8 seconds.Audition will stop in 8 seconds, if there are no valid sounds detected.You can also stop an “Audition” at anytime.After not playing for 6 seconds/ending the “Audition”, the system provides an overall analysis of your performance.Enter “Analysis Report” to check the details.This feature is only available for Premium members.“Audition Report”On this page, users can not only check the “Intonation” and “Rhythm” of each note they have played, but also hear the music they played and compare the records to the sheet music audio.Students’ teachers can also check, review, and comment on their students’ audition reports as soon as the students have been added to their groups in “Classroom”.“Audition Report” is only available for Premium users. Premium is free for verified teachers.“Accompaniments”Find a Sheet Music Album with “Acc.” symbol on the cover.“Acc.” is an abbreviation for “Accompaniments”, especially “Piano Accompaniments”.“Note-by-note”Enter the sheet music page and click the “Audition”, and choose “Note-by-note”.Compared to the “Audition” mode, “Note-by-note” is more like a mode for practicing.After receiving a sound in correct pitch, a checkmark would be ticked on the corresponding note.Rhythm and Tempo are not items to be analysed.It helps users to get familiar with the music in a short time.Initiating action is not needed in “Note-by-note” Loading content, please wait.