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Make It So

Make It So

Do you want me to help finish your track/song for you?


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  • Are you struggling trying to finish your tracks/songs? Perhaps you want someone to mix your music? You may need help arranging your song so it has the right impact on the listenerI can help you realise your ideas, make what is in your mind into a reality, a tangible piece of music that is radio play ready.All you need to be able to do is record your idea, be it a lyric, something you have been playing around with on your instrument or in your DAW.After that, you will have a discussion with me to see what you want as an outcome and I will try and help you realise your ambition.All I need is your raw audio material, I will arrange, mix and produce it to a professional radio ready standard, we will discuss up front fees and Performing Rights Organisation shares from the outset so that you are clear where you stand and there is no scope for unwanted exploitation from me or you.
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  • Created
    Friday, 15 January 2021
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    Ben Ashdown