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Getting paid for my music

Getting paid for my music

How do you get paid for your music and how can you live off your passion full time? Lets discuss!

  • There is so much talented musicians, producers out there today but the hardest thing in todays music business is to actually to live off of your music full time. So, why is this so hard and what do you as a composer/producer have to do to reach this goal? I don't have the answers but I got some ideas. Together maybe we can find some paths for all of us to get there? Only together can we compete with the big moguls that most of the time also "steal" most of the money your music makes. Lets start a revolution! :)
  • Category
    Business Discussions
  • Created
    Thursday, 26 December 2019
  • Group admin
    a Guest, Sylvie Merencourt