• Gender:-
  • My Stage Name:-
    Jürgen Joherl
  • About me:-
    A German-born freelance bassist & lately now also composer from Amsterdam, NL.

    In the past also a semi-pro member/bassist with 2 bands from Stuttgart, South-Germany & later in Amsterdam.
    My most notable band involvement so far had been gigging for a while with "The JJ Helder Band", a A'dam based group around singer Marlies Helder with a.o. guitarist Joop van Nimwegen (Ex-Q65/Livin' Blues) and drummer Pierre van der Linden (Ex-Brainbox/Focus) of a certain Dutch Rock Music legacy.

    Since 2003 I focus on composing, arranging, recording & finally also producing mainly own instrumental tunes in various Funk-Jazz-Latin-Smooth-World Beat styles & flavors.
    I self-released my (digital) album debut "Heartland" in 2005 and a 4-track EP album in 2009 as a preview for my overdue new album "Moving On"..to be continued!

    My music is on sale at Bandcamp: http://www.juergenjoherl.bandcamp.com
    Listen up & follow me also at my various (social) media sites & on major download/streaming portals.
  • My job title:-
    Bassist & Composer/Producer
  • Country of residence
  • Instrument/s:-
    Bass-Guitars & MIDI emulated instruments

  • General Interests:-
    Bass Gear, Music, Music Recording (Studio/Remote), Audio/Music Production, Internet & Promotion, Video, Architecture, Design, Photography, Art Objects, Cycling

  • Academics & Experience:-
    Bass-guitar & double bass lessons by Jazz bassist Thomas Stabenow, Stuttgart (Germany)
    WSA Top10 Finalist 2020/2021/2022 * Best Jazz Song * (Australia)
    ISSA Award 2021 * International Sound Engineer Of The Year * (USA)