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  • Gender:-
  • My Stage Name:-
    Liudmila Knyazeva
  • About me:-
    In 2019, Liudmila Knyazeva signed a contract with the American VG music label, which included her in her artists and published her musical and literary works on the world's leading digital venues. Including Spotifay.
    Liudmila Knyazeva - composer, member of the Union of Composers of Russia, laureate of international competitions, participant of the international music festivals “Moscow Autumn”, “International Festival of Youth and Students and others. In October 2006, Liudmila Knyazeva took part in the Buchmesse in Frankfurt, where her author's works in the field of music, literature, theater and documentary films were exhibited.
    One of the most famous Liudmmila's works is a mono performance entitled "Ascent to Noah's Ark" about the blind monk Anthony, who visited the Noah's Ark on Mount Ararat. The performance is entirely based on documentary material. In the mono play "Ascent to Noah's Ark," Liudmila acted as the screenwriter. music author and lead actor.
  • My Location:-
    United States (United States,us)
  • My job title:-
    an artist
  • Instrument/s:-

  • Mobile phone:-

  • College / University:-
    Moscow Conservatory
  • Graduation Year:-
  • General Interests:-
    Organization of classical music concerts

  • Academics & Experience:-
    I am an official artist of the VG MUSICAL LABEL. My label regularly publishes my digital albums and singles on major world digital sites and promotes it. Here are links to 2 of my profiles in Spotify, for example.
    Based on the results of my streaming plays, my label will be able to organize my original live concerts in Illinois. I also plan to organize concerts in Stuttgart (Germany)