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  • Gender:-
  • My Stage Name:-
    Mike Thomas
  • About me:-
    Been around a million tears Started out broke still am
    Was young and foolish still am in the head
    I was once a good vocalist now I growl
    Have more rejection emails musically than all the stars in the sky
    Write brilliant songs but for some reason I'm the only one who thinks so
    Collaborated with some famous writers but they avoid me like the plague these days
    But I will still carry on writing Maybe a little mad
    So should you be unlucky enough to hear one of my songs I can only apologise
    But I like I to listen to my fellow songsmiths So I hope to be around for a while God willing
    Thanks for reading my ramblings
    To all my fellow songwriters out there Never give up the next big hit is there waiting for tomorrow
    Untill then Power to your music
  • My Location:-
    United Kingdom (United Kingdom,gb)
  • My job title:-
    Unemployed songwriter
  • Instrument/s:-

  • General Interests:-