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  • About me:-
    Musician/Audio Engineer/Video Producer

    I have a BA degree from Hunter College in Communications with a Music and education minor. I specialized in Electronic Music at Hunter College and I have studied audio engineering at the New School for Social Research. I have recorded and documented the music of the Avant-Garde/Jazz artists (Weldon Irvine, Steve Reid, Sam Rivers, Jameel Moondock, Chief Bey) Multi-Cultural and African American Dance Troupes. I have produced and taught audio/video for Basement Recordings in Brooklyn. I have been in charge of the video tape productions of the plays at the Billie Holiday Theater in Brooklyn and have produced videotapes of the following plays “Over Forty”, “ Raisin’ Hell”, “Imperfection Flawed” and “Mercedes”. I have worked with Drum Television in Harlem as a video cameraman shooting such events as the 40th African American Day Parade and the Million Women March. Lately I have been involved in multi-cultural Audio/video productions with Lotus Music & Arts Studios in Manhattan as well as my own audio/video productions
    Recorded "RHYTHMATISM " for Steve Reid in 1976 Now a collectors item
    Recorded Sam Rivers at Studio Rivbea in NYC NY
    Recorded Jameel Moondock's first album in 1980
    I have provided sound for Weldon Irvine, Dakota Staton, various jazz artists and Lotus Music and Dance
  • My Location:-
    Queens County,New York,New York,United States (Queens County,New York,New York,United States,us)
  • My job title:-
    Audio/Video Engineer/ Multi-Producer

  • College / University:-
    AAS Degree Data Processing Queensborough Community College
    BA Hunter College Communications/Electronic Music/Education minor
  • Graduation Year:-

  • Academics & Experience:-
    Recorded record for various Jazz artists (RHYTHMATISM 1976)
    Played with Doug Walker in the Alien Planetscapes band 1988-1989 (Celestial Dance Hits, Mysterious Black Dots)
    Video Producer for "Drums Along the Hudson" NYC since 2004
    Video Editor and producer for Lotus Music and Dance in NYC
    Electronic/Avante Garde musician
    I have been producing my own cable television program since 2004
  • General Interests:-
    Music/Audio/Video production and editing