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  • College / University:-
    Enrolling this summer at Oakton Community college for an associates in Fine Arts/Music.

  • Academics & Experience:-
    A ton of vocal training
    Practicing for hours and hours in my room since I was a tiny kid. (As an Aspie, we have special interests we obsess over!)
    Solos, performances, leading worship team, a LOT of volunteering in nursing homes and hospice, blessing family, National Anthem at minor league baseball games and fundraising events...

    I've written hundreds of songs.

    I've done quite a bit of studio work.

    I also developed a distraction based music therapy program and exercises that I am posting online for people with Functional Neurological Disorder and movement disorders. It's called, "A Walking Theory" on Instagram. I am not licensed - simply telling my story for those who don't have treatment options.

    And I've used music in my own personal advertising - only on accident. It just makes people notice you.

    It's a part of me, so I can't really list experience.
  • General Interests:-
    I love to create. I love to sing and play guitar, write, etc. But I LOVE to create. And I love to see things come to life through art.

    One of the coolest things I've learned is - you can music to draw attention to your everyday brand in business. And I'm not talking about music brand. I'm talking selling nails lol.

    Mom said, "computers would take over all of our jobs. But it wouldn't take over the human vocals, because people will always want human connection.

    If you can really lay it down, people might not like your music - but they'll still buy your stuff because they think you're cool and you made it personal.

    Want to ring through in your business? Use that music, because when AI takes over, your voice or your music may be the only thing real people can connect to.

    Your gift doesn't always have to make you famous. It can be your survival."

    That's why I love being creative - my mom is so smart!