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    I was born in Paterson New Jersey 1965 to the parents of William Leon Squire S.R. and Delores Smith. In 1969 my mother passed away and I went to live with her brother author Singleton in Boston Massachusetts, Where I was introduced to Gospel music,and The sounds of Motown Al green,Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, I even listen to the down home blues Artist such as BB king Tyrone Davis Johnnie Taylor And Bobby blue bland.
    At the age of 12 I wrote my 1st song called only just a dream,and Went on to write and CO write for local groups such as the crooners, Crucial touch, and Volume one. I am now CEO of a production company called F.O.E productions.
    My main goal is to take artists from Boston, to the grammys, I believe good things happen to those who wait,Greater things await those who make it happen.
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    Brockton (Brockton,Plymouth County,Massachusetts,United States,us)
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