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  • Gender:-
  • My Stage Name:-
    Mary Cross 2NspireU
  • About me:-
    working on my debut album...a bit of writer's block and lack of inspiration re topics has slowed me down a little. To date, I have 3 releases that have received wide acclaim (predominantly on an international stage) but noteworthy success domestically.

    My latest single titled ‘Promise’ upon release made it to #1 on Amazon UK sales!
    Recently awarded Tri state Black History Award for 2NspireU donation of discounted and free services to senior and youth organizations.

    Performed for a number of virtual events during the pandemic. Booked many great gigs since the LIVE performance resumed.
    Some believe tonalities reminiscent of the late great Phyllis Linda Hyman. Upcoming performance October 22nd – Tribute to the music of Phyllis Hyman.
    My intention in writing and recording is to speak my truths and message in love. to lift people up in love and spread joy. For a moment givethem my best for in gratitude they are spending precious they cannot get back - and they deserve an wonderful, memorable experience. That is what music is all about. healing, being a time machine to a space and time. I am an advocate for creating music of substance that is timeless, classic soul...if it moves me...and others, then the goal has been met. Because I love music and the gift of uttering my interpretation and enjoying the various renditions of other timeless artists....that is a true SOUL singer.
    I prefer performing LIVE versus being in a studio. My love is for the listener/audiences and making a connection - establishing a moment with them is a gift and privilege. Time well spent.

    I LOVE Soft Rock and perform cover music both acoustically and with my band by artists including: Captain and Tenielle, Karen Carpenter, Stephen Bishop, Bee Gees, and more! If it reminds folks of a time and place…and makes them feel good – then mission accomplished! For the ultimate goal of my LLC band and reason I sing is: 2NspireU!!!

    My music is on all media platforms.

    I am on a quest to obtain 1000 subscribers for my youtube channel (Mary Cross Music) to be identify as an artist channel. I need 306 more subscribers. I started this campaign 6 weeks ago…it has been more challenging than I expected! Link to my youtube channel:
    As an independent international recording artist from Southern NJ, I am seeking to further listenership in hopes of gaining further awareness about my music, completion of my album and ultimately, to tour worldwide in the years to come.

    I wrote my latest single titled: 'Promise' which was co written and produced by Philly's own Grammy nominated producer Donald Robinson, featuring jazz saxophonist Carl Cox (tours with Maysa Leakes).

    Thank you for your interest in my story.

    I perform for a number of different events and have a number of print articles and blogs/vlogs. Most recently, ShoutoutLA, Anointed News Journal, Frontrunner,

    Recent performances include: IDEA Performing Arts Center, Camden County Juneteenth Celebration at Wiggins Park, Restart the Arts, Edu’caid Africa, Willingboro Jazz Fest (shared the stage with Gerald Veasley, INCA & Arpeggio Jazz Ensemble), AyA and last Saturday, August 14th the CDC Giveback Nicetown Festival.). Was Proud to represent Queens as I was the only female band founder who performed on this Jazz fest and represented as Mary Cross 2NspireU.
    I perform at Universities, Healthcare facilities, Senior centers, Youth centers, churches, country clubs, hotel casinos, dinner clubs, restaurants, community events, cabarets, weddings, celebrations of any type and size all with the Mission statement and goal: 2NspireU.
    I love people. Have great references and LOVE to perform! Ultimate goal: to increase social media presence and tour worldwide after completing my album.
    My email address:; 2NspireU Contact: Michelle Keaton; Tel number: 856 701 0204
    Email address:
    Social Media:
    IG: 2NspireU
    Twitter: Mary Cross Sings
    Youtube: Mary Cross Music
    Facebook Fan Page: Mary Cross Sings
    My hope: "May every place we occupy be better off...simply because we passed through"
    Music is therapeutic
  • My Location:-
    Mary Cross 2NspireU 322 Lincoln Avenue, Lawnside, NJ 08045
  • My job title:-
    Independent Recording Artists, Singer, Songwriter, Founder & CEO of 2NspireU, LLC and Mary Cross 2NspireU Band
  • Instrument/s:-
    Vocalists (Lead)

  • College / University:-
    Rowan University
  • General Interests:-
    Being Kind. Loving people UNCONDITIONALLY. Spreading JOY. Every aspect of MUSIC...listening, singing, connecting, learning, etc etc etc. Such a healing gift to humanity!

  • Academics & Experience:-
    Sang in church choirs and a few female groups. 4 years ago founded my band Mary Cross 2NspireU which is our purpose...2NSPIREU! All genres - acoustics, Classic Soul, R&B, Soft Rock...!