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  • Comapny Name
    Ultimate Music Theory Ltd.
  • Company location
    Winnipeg (Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada,ca)
  • Date of Incorporation
  • About Us
    Ultimate Music Theory, Founded by Glory Germain on December 1, 2008. Ultimate Music Theory is about providing the best quality educational materials to music teachers and students around the world. The Ultimate Music Theory Series and Ultimate Music Theory Courses bring music theory education to students, teachers, and schools, by blending the pleasure of learning with sound music instruction. Enriching Lives Through Music Education. Glory St.Germain ARCT RMT MYCC UMTC
    Founder/CEO, TEDx Speaker, International Bestselling Author 50+ Ultimate Music Theory Books & The Power of WHY Series. Host of the Magic of Music Movement Summits, Expert Coach & Creator - UMTC Elite Educator Program.
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