Start a campaign and cash-in on your success.

Buy your package, you will be guided through the easy ad creation process from start to Finnish. Should you encounter difficulty placing your ads or campaigns, simply buy your chosen package and we will happily create your ad and publish your campaign free of charge saving you $80 as standard charge.

  1. From your ads control panel, Click on ‘my profile’ then click save.
  2. Create a banner ad by using any generic design software such as Logo Maker, Photoshop etc. or from the ad options chose text ad with or without image.
  3. Please ensure the banner size is the correct one for your chosen package and zone. We support only 2 banner sizes (1) 100x100px and (2) 600x130px.
  4. Your banner format can be in GIF, JPG, JPEG, BMP or PNG our recommended format. Take your time to make sure you design a banner ad that is colourful, symmetrical with a simple message yet to the point, linking your banner to the destination website of your choice. Once your ad is created and published it will then be subject to activation by the administrator.
  5. Once these simple steps are completed, create a campaign. Finally, buy your corresponding package, and make your payment by credit card or PayPal.
    You can also grab your ad’s code to use on separate accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. Your MP ads on the fly.